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Woman, 99, who hadn’t cleaned home in a YEAR during the pandemic hires professional cleaner & the results are staggering


MANY elderly people have been cocooning for the last year, which means they haven’t been able to allow cleaners into their homes.

As lockdown is finally lifting, professional cleaners are able to help the elderly with daily household tasks again – but now they’re dealing with a year’s worth of built-up dirt.

The cleaner has had to tackle built-up grime in her client's home


The cleaner has had to tackle built-up grime in her client’s homeCredit: Tiktok/ homedresseduk

Tiktok user homedresseduk has been sharing her experience of cleaning a 99-year-old client’s home.

The cleaner says she has two hours a week to get the house back in tip-top condition. 

She began the big clean up downstairs, but she says she had to empty the hoover three times just to get the floors clean.

She explains the situation: “Over lockdown I haven’t been able to clean this 99-year-old lady’s house.

She is attempting to get the house back to normal before deep cleaning everywhere


She is attempting to get the house back to normal before deep cleaning everywhereCredit: Tiktok/ homedresseduk

“Now she has had both jabs she feels safe for me to come back, I have two hours a week to start cleaning it back to normal.”

“So today I started downstairs. It took three hoover empties just to do the floors.”

“Next week I will do upstairs and then I can start properly deep cleaning everywhere.”

The video has amassed over 600,000 views and many commenters were moved by the story.

“Oh bless her, so sad that she was scared to let you in to clean, people have suffered in so many ways like this through covid”, wrote one sympathetic viewer.

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The 99-year-old's counter tops were extremely dirty


The 99-year-old’s counter tops were extremely dirtyCredit: Tiktok/ homedresseduk
But this Tiktok user got them sparkling in no time


But this Tiktok user got them sparkling in no timeCredit: Tiktok/ homedresseduk

“Bless her soul. Thank you so much for helping!”, wrote another commenter, while a third said: “Thanks so much for taking care of seniors! I hope I’m still living on my own at 99!!!”

One added: “It’s so sad. So many of our most vulnerable people live like this with no way to pay for someone to help.”

Many remarked that the elderly woman must be delighted to have her cleaner back. 

“She must be so happy that you are back”, said one viewer, while another wrote: “You are fricking amazing, you are an angel in human form.” 

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