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What ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast, Crew Would Do in Real Zombie Apocalypse


Kang needs to team up with Ryan Hurst who plans to try his luck as his Whisperer character, Beta.

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Ryan Hurst said he’d blend in among the dead.

AMC, Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

“You wear dead skin, everybody’s happy,” said Hurst of why he’d channel his onscreen character in real life to blend in with the dead. “They’re not gonna try to kill ya. They don’t know that you’re there! It’s zombie camouflage.”

For those who aren’t familiar, the Whisperer group wears the skin of the dead over their faces. It’s kind of gross and intense, but it seems to work for them. 

Out of everyone Insider spoke with, it seemed like Hurst put some of the most thought into what he would do if the world came to an end.

“I always just thought, if there’s a zombie apocalypse, you’re gonna need three things. One, like Forrest Gump, you’re gonna need a comfortable pair of shoes. Two, you’re gonna need layers. Zombies can’t fight you if they can’t fight through ten layers of clothing. And three, you got to have good teeth. How long are you gonna survive if your teeth are rotting out of head?

That’s a reason Hurst asked about his character Beta having gold teeth on the show as a means of survival.

Wearing the skin of the dead over your face sounds like a strange survival tactic, but Hurst sees a huge benefit if the undead act just like the ones we’re used to on “TWD.”

“If food and water are in high demand, what you gotta do is preserve your energy,” said Hurst. “Stop fighting so much! Fighting takes energy! Just walk slow, talk low. Blend in. Look, these zombies are going nowhere in a hurry. Just let everybody calm down.”

Of course, that strategy may not work out if real-life zombies are a bit more rabid and smarter like some of the ones introduced in “Zombieland: Double Tap.”

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