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Taurus horoscope: What your star sign has in store for May 2



APR 21 – MAY 21

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Set Wednesday aside for total truth
Set Wednesday aside for total truth

With a strong planet set in your personal sign, you are the zodiac boss – but with such a soft centre, too.  

And this helps you connect, or get back in touch, with all the right names for your future.  

As the moon and Jupiter join forces, you see straight past obstacles to a sparkling prize, linked to personal letters.  

Love is happiness-shaped, and “S” is the key.

DESTINY DAYS  Set Wednesday aside for total truth, and a shared sense of progress.  Saturday and Sunday you find three great buys.

LUCKY LINKS   The first number that pops into your mind first thing in the morning.  A row of pastel-painted houses.  

A friend who loves to cook for other people.

Mystic Meg reveals what's in store for the week ahead
Mystic Meg reveals what’s in store for the week ahead

TAURUS PLUTO POWER   Yes, there’s a personal journey you need to make – and the next few months are the perfect time, as upheaval planet Pluto is in retrograde.  

First Pluto-powered step is shake yourself free from all the rules you usually set for yourself, and adopt a mindset that’s flexible rather than fixed.  

Then, from learning opportunity to travel invitation, you will be ready to seize chances with your heart AND your head. 

And believe in yourself and your ability to plan your own successful future.

List of 12 star signs

The traditional dates used by Mystic Meg for each sign are below.

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