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Surrey: Mystery ‘maniac’ cuts down dozens of trees after dark


A police investigation has been launched amid concerns of damage to the environment and the trees blocking roads (Picture: SWNS)

Locals in a Surrey town are furious after a mystery ‘maniac’ cut down dozens of trees in a spate of after dark attacks.

The alarm was first raised when a number of trees, all healthy, were chopped down with a chainsaw in the Cowey Sale area of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey on March 28.

At least 20 other stumps have emerged since in the affluent town, and in nearby Weybridge – with some of the trees planted in honour of loved ones who died.

Fuming residents have launched a Facebook group in order to hunt down the person or group responsible for what has been named the ‘chainsaw massacre’.

Concerns have been raised about the damage to the environment, as well as the felled trees blocking roads and causing a hazard to drivers.

One resident wrote on the Elmbridge Tree Patrol group: ‘As you all know there’s a maniac going around Weybridge, Walton on Thames and Cobham chopping down trees ruining the environment, eco system, habitats and making everyone upset.

‘I have set up this group so we can all as a community volunteer to patrol the area at night to try and hunt down and video record this lunatic. WE MUST SAVE OUR COMMUNITY.’

Another said: ‘It’s disgusting. Those trees could have had birds nesting them, it’s devastating to nature.

More than 20 trees have been cut down in 10 days (Picture: Elmbridge Borough Council / SWNS)
The incidents have been nicknamed the ‘chainsaw massacre’ (Picture: Elmbridge Borough Council / SWNS)
Fuming locals have created a Facebook group to discuss the situation (Picture: Elmbridge Borough Council / SWNS)
One local said the attacks are ‘devastating to nature’ (Picture: Elmbridge Borough Council / SWNS)
Some of the trees were planted in honour of loved ones who died (Picture: Elmbridge Borough Council / SWNS)

‘What has possessed someone to do it? I read on a local Facebook forum that there is a tree-felling task on the game Fortnight so maybe it’s some bored gamers cutting down trees in real life as some sort of lockdown dare or prank. Who knows?’

One post on the group said residents have put a notice about the vandalism on one tree that had been targeted – and returned to find it had been cut down again.

Surrey Police say they are ‘concerned’ and have launched an investigation into the matter.

A spokesperson said ‘patrols will also be carried out in the areas which have been targeted’.

Councillor, Christine Elmer said it was ‘really important’  for people to get into touch with Elmbridge Police if they have information.

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