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Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello’s Dog Has An Instagram


Because the world needs more puppy content.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are just like everyone else — they became puppy parents during the pandemic.

And just like every other doting pet owner, they started an Instagram for their new pooch, Tarzan.

Shawn and Camila welcomed Tarzan into the family back in November, so it’s honestly surprising it took them this long to get his Insta account started.

“[D]uring uncertain times like this we need a reminder that sweet miracle things like puppies exist in the world too,” Camila wrote after bringing the pup home.

As for his social media debut, Camila explained that Tarzan “is growing up faster than we thought,” so they had to document his cutest moments.

Tarzan seems to be fitting right in with the couple, traveling with them and even providing some inspiration in the studio.

“He’s the sweetest boy. Honestly, it really does feel like you have a little boy, a little baby, because they so quickly have such a personality. Dogs give so much,” Shawn told People magazine.

Basically, the couple just love dogs a lot, as evidenced by this comment from Shawn:

And while some people may think dogs don’t need their own social media accounts, I say bring on the puppy content, Shawmila!!!

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