The cat was ‘angry and aggressive’, according to local media reports (Picture: REX / Shutterstock)

A passenger plane reportedly had to make an emergency landing due to an out of control cat in the cockpit.

The plane was travelling to Doha in Qatar, but the pilot decided to return to the Sudanese capital city of Khartoum.

Local media reports suggest the animal was ‘aggressive and angry’ and had somehow snuck onto the plane before it took off.

It resisted several attempts of restraint and even attacked the captain, according to local paper Al-Sudani.

The Sudanese Tarco flight took off from Khartoum International Airport last Wednesday, and had been in the air for around 30 minutes when the incident took place.

The chaos caused the pilot to make the decision to turn the flight around.

It has been suggested the cat could have climbed onboard during a cleaning or engineering check of the plane without anyone seeing – but this has not yet been confirmed.

It was reported the plane had spent the previous night parked at a hangar at the airport.

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