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Khloe Kardashian claps back at unedited bikini pic with topless video of toned figure and calls criticism ‘unbearable’


KHLOE Kardashian clapped back at her unedited bikini photo going viral this week with multiple topless videos showing her toned figure. 

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian sister also posted an emotional message in which she calls the loud social media response to her leaked snap as “unbearable.”


Credit: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian

In an Instagram statement, she wrote: “Hey guys, this is me and my body unretouched and unfiltered. 

“The photo that was posted this week is beautiful. But as someone who has struggled with body image her whole life…

“When someone takes a photo of you that isn’t flattering in bad lighting or doesn’t capture your body the way it is after working so hard to get it to this point.

“And then shares it to the world – you should have every right to ask for it to not be shared – regardless of who you are. 

“In truth, the pressure, constant ridicule and judgement my entire life to be perfect and to meet other’s standards of how I should look has been too much to bear.”

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