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Kate Garraway in tears as she recalls laying 4 places at the table to serve Derek his favourite meal after coming home


KATE Garraway was in tears this morning as she recalled the emotional moment she lay four places at the table after her husband Derek returned home.

The presenter told Good Morning Britain she served up the 53-year-old’s favourite meal – a homemade casserole – on his second night back with her and their two children, Billy and Darcey.

Kate Garraway got teary on Good Morning Britain today


Kate Garraway got teary on Good Morning Britain today

“There have been so many little lovely moments. I have been saying this whole time to him, ‘when you get home you can have one of my cassseroles.’

“He loves them by the way, that’s not a threat.

“He can swallow a bit now so I said ‘ok let’s see if we can somehow get you round the table with all four of us and we managed to do that.

“When I was laying out the plates I realised I was laying out four and… it makes me cry now…

“It feels like the start of a huge chapter, but a really, really big and important one.”

Derek has been taken off all machines but will continue to receive round-the-clock care at the family’s adapted property in North London.

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