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Kangana Ranaut urges everyone to give back to the nature by planting trees


Kangana Ranaut has been vocal about the adversities of over exploiting our resources and has urged everyone to give back what you take from Mother Earth. In her latest tweet, Kangana spoke of how we are currently taking more than we are returning to nature and we don’t seem to be learning from our mistakes. Kangana pointed out that the government is making more oxygen plans to increase supply and to compensate for it, one must plant more trees. 

Kangana Ranaut

She wrote, “Everybody is building more and more oxygen plants, getting tons and tons of oxygen cylinders, how are we compensating for all the oxygen that we are forcefully drawing from the environment? It seems we learnt nothing from our mistakes and catastrophes they cause #PlantTrees”

Kangana Ranaut

She further added that it is necessary to plant more trees and make up for the damage done to the environment, “Along with announcing more and more oxygen for humans, governments must announce relief for nature also, people who are using this oxygen should also pledge to work on improving the air quality, for how long we are going to be miserable pests only taking never giving back to nature?” 

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