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I Love Marla And Fran From I Care A Lot On Netflix


Spoilers, sorry, but I had to.

If you watched I Care A Lot on Netflix, then you know who these two people are.

They are bad people, that’s for sure. But they are also a very cute lesbian couple and for that reason I must stan Marla and Fran, the Bonnie and Clyde of my heart.

Look, I know they are horrendous and do not deserve anything good. HOWEVER, as I said… I love love and they are in love so I must ignore their wrongdoings.

my mentions lmao i know marla & fran did some messed up shit BUT they were hot and gay while doing it so why should i care

Twitter: @lenaluhthorx

I honestly was torn the whole movie. On one hand… no good people! On the other hand, I wanted what they have.

Twitter: @canesejarboe

They are objectively a perfect couple.

Even though I desperately wanted them to get caught, I also wanted them to live happily ever after.

Twitter: @brieIcrson

I want a prequel just about them. Or a TV show. OR ANYTHING. I JUST NEED MORE MARLA AND FRAN.

Twitter: @hauntedamie

Like, the tender nose nuzzle. Are you kiddin’ me???/

And the forehead kiss! MARLA STOP UR KILLIN’ ME!

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