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Hugh Grant’s Full Name Hugh Mungo Grant


“Hugh Grant” is how we know him.

Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

But did you know that Hugh Grant’s full name is PRACTICALLY “Hughmungo Grant”?????

So we know his first name is “Hugh” and his last name is “Grant.” But…

…one of his middle names is “MUNGO.”


Vera Anderson / WireImage

Now, the only problem here is that there is another name in between “Hugh” and “Mungo,” and that’s…”John.”

So technically, if he were to introduce himself with his full name, he’d say, “‘Ello, love, I’m Hugh John Mungo Grant.”

Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

But I choose to believe that he drops the “John” and goes by only “Hugh Mungo Grant.” Because that’s what makes the people happy!!!

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