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Farmers’ children receive death threats from ‘vegan activists’


James Matthews and Chenice Plumstead say they were targeted with a death threat despite not being part of the intensive farming industry (Picture JC Farming Ltd/Facebook/ @jcfarminglittlekingshill)

A couple who own a family-run farm have spoken out after they and their children were subjected to death threats from ‘vegan activists’.

James Matthews and Chenice Plumstead said it is a ‘sad day to be a farmer’ after they were targeted over their small-scale, free-range business.

The couple said they had been subjected to threats on their work mobile number by people ‘who threatened to kill us and our 2 beautiful children’.

Chenice slept on the children’s floor at King’s View Farm in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, after the threats were made on Tuesday night.

The young couple who run JC Farming Ltd say they were targeted despite not using industrial methods on their holding, which they open up to the public and use to educate young people.

In a Facebook post, they wrote: ‘Last night was a sad night to be a Farmer, Last night was a scary night to be a Farmer,

‘Last night we were called on a private number by a group of Vegan Activists who threatened to kill us and our 2 beautiful children.

‘Now for people who have never received a death threat this was terrifying but to threaten your children makes it that much worse.

‘We understand completely that people have their own opinions and they have to do what feels right for them however threatening the lives of children well that is another level of scum. That is no vegan I know!!’

The young family who live at King’s View Farm in Great Missenden do not use intensive farming methods (Picture JC Farming Ltd/Facebook/@jcfarminglittlekingshill)

The couple said they called police who provided an ‘amazing’ response patrolling the farm and helped them to set up security measures.

In the post, Chenice said: ‘I have never been so scared and angry in my life, having to sleep on the floor in my children’s room.

‘Farmers need to speak out about this because it is happening far too much. There are certain ways of FARMING that we do not agree with but let me make this clear they are not FARMERS !! Please help us to stay vigilant and educate people who are unsure of what sort of farm this is.’

James told Metro.co.uk today that the family was ‘all good’ and they had installed new security measures including CCTV and were being more vigilant at night.

James Matthews and Chenice Plumstead say they have received death threats despite representing the free-range end of the farming industry (Picture JC Farming Ltd/Facebook/@jcfarminglittlekingshill)

He said: ‘I understand people have got views, we don’t agree with a lot of factory farming ourselves, and we open the farm to the public and educate kids on farming.

‘So to get the phone call, it’s not like we even do commercial farming. Everything’s outside, we don’t have anything inside. We bring our sheep in for a short period for lambing and that’s it. If anything we’d think we would be the last people they would phone up and abuse and threaten to kill.’

The owners of JC Farming have spoken out to say they and others are being targeted with death threats over their livelihoods (Picture JC Farming Ltd/Facebook/@jcfarminglittlekingshill)

The couple say the threats were made by people who knew their names and threatened their children aged three and six.

James said: ‘It sounded scripted at first, there were three of them and they threatened us and the children, saying they knew where we lived.

‘Chenice slept on the kids’ floor and I was up wandering around.

‘We normally only let one of the guard dogs out, but I let both out. It was just a bit ridiculous for people who are trying to earn a living not doing anything illegal.’

Police carried out patrols of King’s View Farm in Buckinghamshire on Tuesday night after the owners received death threats (Picture JC Farming Ltd/Facebook/@jcfarminglittlekingshill)

The couple have received dozens of supportive messages on Facebook since speaking out about their ordeal on the JC Farming page.

James said: ‘We’re all good and it’s been nice that a lot of people have contacted us since and said we are right in what we are doing in the way we rear animals.

‘We try to produce some of the best free-range lamb, beef and pork that we possibly can and then you get that thrown in your face.

‘I understand if you don’t like to eat meat, that’s up to you, but we’re not doing anything illegal. A lot of farmers do get this, I ask a lot of them if they would have people on their farm and they say a straight up “no”.

‘With that you’re getting back to the old-fashioned farmer saying “get off my land”. We’re very open so it’s a bit strange how we’ve been targeted but we know a lot of farmers do get death threats.’

Death threats to farmers from so-called vegan activists have been a recurrent problem.

In 2018, the matter was said to have become so bad that the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers met counter-terror police about the issue.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police confirmed the force received a report of malicious communications at around 10pm on Tuesday.

No arrests have been made..

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