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Covid vaccines have stopped deaths of more than 10,000 older people


More than 10,000 lives have been saved already thanks to Covid vaccine rollout

The Covid vaccine rollout has stopped more than 10,000 older people from dying in England, new analysis suggests.

Figures from Public Health England (PHE) reveal the thousands of lives saved among those aged 60 and over in the space of four months.

From December 8 last year up to the end of March, more than 15 million jabs have been given to adults in this age group.

PHE findings show this prevented 9,100 deaths in people aged 80 and over, 1,200 deaths in those aged 70 to 79 and 100 deaths in those aged 60 to 69.

Despite the promising results, experts believe the ‘true value’ of the Covid-19 vaccines lie in avoiding future deaths should there be a resurgence of the virus.

The analysis compared the observed number of deaths with the number that would have been expected if vaccines had not been administered.

Scientists said that as well as reducing deaths, there is now ‘increasing evidence’ that vaccines also help to reduce transmission, making it ‘likely’ a higher number of deaths will have been prevented by the vaccination programme.

Vaccines are reducing deaths in people over 60, new data shows (Picture: Getty)

However Dr Mary Ramsay, PHE head of immunisation, said that while the jabs have a ‘striking impact’ on mortality, ‘we don’t confidently know yet how much these vaccines will reduce the risk of you passing Covid-19 onto others’.

She added: ‘Even if you have been vaccinated, it is really important that you continue to act like you have the virus, practise good hand hygiene and stay at home.’

The promising results come after the UK health regulators said that evidence the Oxford jab could be causing a rare blood clotting syndrome was growing stronger. 

As a result the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) recommended that healthy people under the age of 30 who were at low risk of Covid be offered an alternative jab.

The move caused controversy with many women highlighting that there is a higher risk of blood clotting from the conraceprive pill.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock struck a positive tone as he commented on the data.

He said: ‘It’s fantastic to see the impact our pioneering vaccination programme is already having, with over 10,000 lives saved in a short space of time.

‘That’s more than 10,000 families who haven’t suffered the loss of a loved one.

‘The science is clear: vaccines save lives. All three of our approved vaccines have been deemed safe and effective by our world-class independent medicines regulator.

‘The new figures published today show why it’s so vital that people get their second dose too. When people get the call, they should get the jab.’

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