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Bank holiday opening times for Morrisons, Waitrose, Asda and Iceland


Don’t forget that a Bank holiday can sometimes mean your local supermarket may be closed (Picture: Getty Images)

Rejoice, everyone, as May 3 is the early May bank holiday – who doesn’t love kicking back over a three-day weekend!?

There is one hiccup that can often catch people out though, and that is supermarket opening times.

You don’t want to be caught short of supplies for your bank holiday barbecue, only to find the shop isn’t open for you to rectify it.

To make sure you can plan your shopping times effectively this bank holiday weekend, allow us to give you all the information you need on your favourite supermarket’s opening times…

May bank holiday opening hours for Morrisons

Are you getting your bank holiday barbecue supplies from Morrisons this weekend? (Picture: Getty)

Most Morrisons stores vary in opening times based upon their size, but the vast majority will be open between 7am and 8pm on the bank holiday.

To be sure, head over to the Morrisons website to find your nearest store’s opening times.

May bank holiday opening hours for Waitrose

Opening hours can vary depending on the size of the store (Picture: Shutterstock)

Some Little Waitrose stores and smaller branches have slightly reduced opening hours on bank holiday Monday, with some stores opening from 10am to 7pm on the bank holiday.

Some stores are completely unaffected, opening during their regular hours of 7am to 11pm.

Head over to the Waitrose store finder to see if the opening hours for your local branch have been affected.

May bank holiday opening times for Asda

Will that 24 hour Asda near you actually be open for 24 hours on bank holiday Monday? (Picture: Getty)

Most Asda stores will be open from 8am to 8pm on bank holiday Monday, operating at slightly reduced hours.

The opening and closing times vary hugely across different stores.

Some of their larger stores which are normally open until 11pm will close at 8pm and many of their 24-hour stores will shut earlier too.

You can use the Asda store locator to see how the opening times for your nearest store.

May bank holiday opening times for Iceland

How is your local Iceland affected by the bank holiday? (Picture: Getty)

Most Iceland branches will be open from 8am to 11pm, the regular Monday hours.

Stores will open on Saturday as usual, from 8am to 11am, and 11am to 5pm on Sunday.

These hours can vary from location to location.

You find your nearest store opening times, head to the Iceland Store Finder.

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