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Amazon Prime’s Them Star Shahadi Wright Joseph


16. Have you picked up new hobbies or gone back to any old ones during the pandemic?

Yeah, writing. I love to write, so that’s what I’ve been doing a lot. I’ve also been playing a lot of chess and riding my bike. It’s getting warm here in New York, so riding bikes has most definitely been added to my schedule. Oh, and shopping — I’ve been shopping a lot.

17. Speaking of shopping, I noticed that you like to incorporate a lot of vintage pieces into your personal style. How would you describe your style and where are some of your favorite places to shop?

I love shopping on the site YesStyle. I also like shopping on Amazon, which is just a coincidence, I swear [laughs]. I also love shopping at this place called L Train Vintage here in New York. I’m in Brooklyn, so I go there all the time.

18. Your hairstyles also always blow me away. I’ve heard so many horror stories from Black women whose hair was damaged due to stylists not knowing how to take care of natural hair. Was it important for you to find a Black hairstylist in the business?

Yes! My hairstylist, Cheryl T. Bergamy — I love her so much! She really does understand my hair down to a T. I feel like whenever she comes over, and she’s about to do my hair, we always show her my outfit first, and then she comes up with the best way to complement the look. We take a lot of inspiration from Janelle Monáe’s red carpet hairstyles. So, I really appreciate Janelle for that. If you’re reading this Janelle, thank you so much for your looks!

But yeah, with this industry it can be hard to find somebody who works with 4C hair and works with it well. If you’re a Black girl in this industry, there’s a big chance you’re going to get some heat damage. It happens. You’ve got to pick and choose your battles.

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