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  • Will gyms close again in England?

Will gyms close again in England?

Many people finessed their home gym set up during the first lockdown (Picture: Getty) Boris Johnson today announced that England is to enter a second lockdown with strict measures akin…

This "Gilmore Girls" A–Z Quiz Will Reveal If You Are More Like Lorelai, Rory, Emily, Or Richard

“You’ve been Gilmored!” View Entire Post › Source link

Greek Orthodox Priest Wounded in Lyon, France, Shooting

PARIS — A Greek Orthodox priest was shot and wounded Saturday in the central French city of Lyon, but the motive was unclear, local authorities said. The shooting comes at…

Rescue Workers Search for Survivors After Major Earthquake in Turkey

A magnitude-7.0 quake that struck in the Aegean Sea also killed at least two people in Greece. Hundreds in Turkey were injured and many thousands displaced. Source link

Write An SNL Sketch To See What Cast Member You Are

We all just wanna be Kate McKinnon. The pitch meeting is soon! What kind of sketch are you writing? Getty The art director needs to know what kind of set…

An Ancient Hill and Forgotten Dead: Afghanistan’s Haunted Outpost

In the months and years that passed, buried human bones were discovered in the Rock as American units rotated in and out of the outpost, and the destruction of Corporal…

UK to be battered by Storm Aiden and remnants of Hurricane Zeta

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings across much of Britain (Picture: Getty Images) Brace yourselves windy weather, heavy downpours and chances of flooding ‘almost anywhere’ this weekend. The…

Which "Over The Moon" Character Are You?

“If you give love, you’ll never lose love. It only grows.” View Entire Post › Source link

Legacy” Atones For The Sins Of The Original

To teenage me, The Craft, released in 1996, was everything. The four teen girls who formed the coven at the center of the movie were like the Spice Girls for…

Armistice Day singing ban means Royals can’t join in national anthem

The Royal family and veterans at previous Remembrance Day events. Covid restrictions mean commemorations will look very different this year (Pictures: REX/Getty) Coronavirus rules mean guests at Westminster Abbey’s Armistice…